La granita siciliana: storia, ricetta e curiosità

A delicacy present throughout the summer is Sicilian granita, a refreshing dessert excellent as a snack and after dinner..

If we were to think about summer and the best way to make it less hot, theSicilian granita would be the protagonist of our days. Even today savoring a granita, for Sicilians it is a sort of ritual, a convivial moment, of sharing and social relations. You know where this magic comes from From long ago, when Sicily was still under Arab domination..

The history of Sicilian granita: origins

Tradition has it that Sicilian granita evolved first on the eastern side of the island and then invaded it entirely from coast to coast.ta.

Since the Middle Ages, moreover, there was a profession with a very particular name, the profession of“nivaroli”; who were Men who took care of during the winteri collect snow on Etnaa, in the Peloritani, Iblei or Nebrodi mountains, and all year round, they kept it in the “neviere,, preserving it from the summer heat, and then, as in the case of the Etna nivaroli, transporting it to the seashore in the summer months. You may not believe it but still todaygi you can see the holes for ice storage finished in brick or stone.

Who consumed all the snow collected in the cold months Nobles locals, patricians, all of whomthey bought the snow from Etna during the periods of greatest scorchinga, and then keep it in special snow houses. The latter were located in natural ravines and / or in very cool places, in order to keep the snow away from the heat. Finally, it was grated and used for the preparation of sorbets and ice creams to be tasted in the muggy moments. To make it tastiersa they poured lemon juice or fruit or flower syrups on top. Other flavors At the time they prepared it withn coffee, mulberries and almonds mainly because the area was thriving with almond groves.

How the preparation of the granita has changed over time?

Its construction was widespread until the early twentieth century with the name rattata” (scratch). Over the years the recipe for sharbat sorbet in Arabic has improved a lot: they discovered they could use the la snow mixed with sea salt: the collected snow went from being an ingredient to a refrigerant. The cockpit was also born a wooden barrel with a zinc bucket inside, which could be turned with a knob. The empty space was filled with the mixture of salt and snow closed by a rolled and crushed jute bag. The mixture froze the contents of the well by subtraction of heat and the rotating movement of some blades insideo prevented the formation of ice crystals too big. The preparation of Sicilian granita is unique and manages to give the product a flaky consistency. Imperceptible to the palate, being made with water, sugar and fruit, the granita has replaced the rattata over the centuries.ta”.

During the twentieth century the snow was replaced by water and honey with sugar, the manual well cooled by ice or snow and salt, thanks to the technology of cold batch freezer, was replaced by the ice cream maker, allowing to produce that unmistakable creamy dough , devoid of air and rich in flavor which, thanks to its peculiar characteristics, is known and boasted all over the world with the name of Granita Siciliana.liana”.

Recipe and preparation of Sicilian granita

After talking about the story we move on tostrawberry granita recipe which is quick and easy especially with our kit! First the ingredients:

  • Still water
  • sugar
  • Strawberry juice


Take a container and pour 3/4 of the contents inside, the remaining part put it in the fridge. Put the preparation in the freezer for about six hours.

After the hours, take the mixture and mix it well: remember the leftover liquid Take it out of the fridge and pour a little into a blender, at this point add the frozen part to the liquid part. Blend everything! 

Your Sicilian strawberry granita is ready! Pour it into glasses and serve it on the table accompanied by a delicious brioche!

Curiosity: the Riviera di Piano Principessa

In a magical territory, that of the Madonie, precisely aPrincess floor at 1900 meters above the sea level there is still a niviera, the only one in which it is possible to make ice cream as it used to be. It is rare to find a master ice cream maker who practices past traditions, only one does and his name is Antonio Cappadonia..

There are countlessSicilian idioms associated with the very good granita: very often you will have the opportunity to hear a phrase like this “comu na niveraa”; is used to indicate aparticularly cold and inhospitable environment for humans. Not only ancient idioms, but alsofantastic legends like the one tied to onePhoenician princess named Oxiria who arrived in Sicily to look for his beloved. In order to preserve its beauty, it seems that it was stocking up on a miraculous mixture based on Etna snow, honey and candied citrus fruits. It looks very similar to the granita we all know, it is not true. Apparently it could be there l’elixir of eternal beauty.

Do you know thatthe only recognized flavors from the Sicilian pastry workshops are:almond, coffee, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, peach, pistachio and mulberries? All the others are bad copies and a real bar that offers granita does not need to show the sign that reads: True Sicilian granita.“.

Last gem we want to reveal is that if you use the term half with cream without specifying the tasteo you will only need a coffee granita with cream. The cream must be compulsorily sweetened with a touch of vanillin, no vegetable cream and can be eaten in only two ways: before the granita together with the brioche tuppo or mix it with our beloved Sicilian granita.ana.

You felt like tasting the famous brioscia cu a granita. You can order yoursuo granita kit and receive it comfortably at home together with onedelicious brioche!

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