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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Peasant-style green olives 300g
Organic black olives 200g
Seasoned green olives 300gSeasoned green olives 300g
Green olives in brine 200gGreen olives in brine 200g
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Ancient Sicily Catanese style olives 280g
Antica Sicilia Ancient Sicily Catanese style olives 280g
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Sicilian olives : the quality and taste of the island directly to your home

With SicilyAddict, savoring delicious Sicilian olives is convenient and very simple. Our selection of artisanal and genuine products offers you the opportunity to enjoy the authentic flavor of the Sicilian food and wine tradition , with the convenience of fast and reliable delivery.

Sicilian olives are the fruit of love and passion for local cuisine, grown and harvested respecting the centuries-old traditions of the island.

Thanks to the care in the choice of ingredients and the skilful processing, each variety of olives retains the authentic taste and freshness typical of this land rich in history and flavours.

Don't wait any longer, bring the scents and flavors of the island of the sun directly to your home and discover the quality and authenticity of these extraordinary products, ready to conquer your palate and transform your convivial moments into occasions of discovery and taste.

Sicilian olives : unique delights for an authentic taste experience

Discover the unmistakable flavor of Sicilian olives with our careful selection of products on SicilyAddict.

Olives, a symbolic fruit of the culinary culture of the island of the sun , are distinguished by their quality and variety of flavors and different types of preparation.

Sicilian olives are perfect for enriching appetizers, salads and typical dishes, or simply to be enjoyed as a tasty snack.

Thanks to the tradition and passion for quality that characterize Sicilian cuisine, you will be able to savor the authenticity and freshness of these products directly at your home.

Give yourself the pleasure of immersing yourself in the world of Sicilian olives , exploring the offer proposed by SicilyAddict and savoring the authentic flavors of this land rich in history and culinary traditions.

If you are looking for high quality Sicilian products and want to live a unique taste experience, Sicilian olives are the ideal choice for you.

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