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Showing 1 - 24 of 107 products
Pesto di Pistacchio 60% 190 gPesto di Pistacchio 60% 190 g
Sicilyaddict Pistachio pesto 60%
Sale priceFrom €6,99
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Peasant-style green olives 300g
Organic black olives 200g
Seasoned green olives 300gSeasoned green olives 300g
Green olives in brine 200gGreen olives in brine 200g
Sicilian Caponata Calaforno 170gSicilian Caponata Calaforno 170g
Save 9%
Caponata siciliana 280 g
Antica Sicilia Sicilian Caponata Ancient Sicily 280g
Sale price€5,99 Regular price€6,59
Save 9%
Pesto con Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP 180 g
Antica Sicilia Bronte pistachio pesto 180 g
Sale price€12,90 Regular price€14,10
Stimpirata onion of Giarratana 170 gStimpirata onion of Giarratana 170 g
Save 10%
Pesto di Mandorle di Sicilia e Pesce spada affumicato 180 g
Antica Sicilia Pesto of almonds and swordfish 180 g
Sale price€7,99 Regular price€8,89
Organic wild fennel pesto 190 gOrganic wild fennel pesto 190 g
Ready sauce black olives and capers 250 gReady sauce black olives and capers 250 g
Tomato puree 420 gTomato puree 420 g
Salemi Pina Tomato puree 420 g
Sale price€2,89
Onion and walnut bruschetta 190 g
Sicilian ready sauce 250 gSicilian ready sauce 250 g
Save 10%
Pesto Trapanese 180 g
Antica Sicilia Trapanese pesto 180 g
Sale price€5,99 Regular price€6,69
Ready-to-eat Palermo-style sauce 250 gReady-to-eat Palermo-style sauce 250 g
Save 15%
Pesto di Pistacchio e Funghi Porcini 190 g
Sicilyaddict Pistachio and mushroom pesto 190g
Sale price€7,49 Regular price€8,85
Save 15%
Pesto di Pistacchio e Tartufo estivo 190 g
Sicilyaddict Pistachio and truffle pesto 190g
Sale price€8,29 Regular price€9,75
Sugo di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi 212 g
Save 10%
Ancient Sicily Catanese style olives 280g
Antica Sicilia Ancient Sicily Catanese style olives 280g
Sale price€5,99 Regular price€6,69
Ready-made Arrabbiata sauce 250 g
Baked organic Giarratana onion 170 gBaked organic Giarratana onion 170 g
Organic Sicilian pesto 190g Organic Sicilian pesto 190g

Sicilian preserves online : the essence of Sicilian food and wine directly to your home

Immerse yourself in the world of Sicilian preserves online, a universe of flavors and culinary traditions enclosed in artisanal delicacies created to enrich and delight your dishes.

Our selection of Sicilian preserves on SicilyAddict is the result of rigorous research into the best products of the island, guaranteeing you an authentic and quality gastronomic experience. Sicilian preserves are the symbol of the island's culinary art, perfect for satisfying the most demanding and greedy palates.

Explore the offer and discover the secrets of the island's ancient recipes , which are handed down from generation to generation without losing their charm and authenticity.

Conquering the flavors of Sicily has never been so simple: one click and the magic of the island will be served on your table!

Artisanal Sicilian preserves : delicious delights from the island of the sun

Artisanal Sicilian preserves are authentic gastronomic treasures that contain all the flavor and tradition of the island in practical and versatile packages.

Our selection of preserves offered on SicilyAddict is the result of careful research into the best artisanal products, made with genuine, high-quality ingredients . Discover the wide range of preserves, which ranges from delicious sauces to tasty pâtés , capable of enriching and delighting every dish with unmistakable aromas and flavours.

Our Sicilian preserves will satisfy every palate, thanks to their versatility, ideal for accompanying appetizers, first and second courses, or for creating refined combinations to serve at dinners and aperitifs.

Give yourself the pleasure of bringing the taste and quality of our preserves to the table, which contain the secrets and traditions of the rich Sicilian food and wine. Visit the "Sicilian Preserves" category and enrich your pantry with the best Sicilian artisan products , capable of transforming every dish into a unique culinary experience.

Order your preserves today and receive delivery directly to your home within 48/72 hours , ensuring freshness and quality on every occasion.

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