Sicilian Brioche

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Iris siciliane 150g - 3 pezzi
Bomboloni Farciti al Pistacchio 3 pezziBomboloni Farciti al Pistacchio 3 pezzi
La Cremosa Co TuppoLa Cremosa Co Tuppo
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Iris siciliane ciokoreo 150gIris siciliane ciokoreo 150g
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Kit Cartocci Pistacchio Lovers x5 pezziKit Cartocci Pistacchio Lovers x5 pezzi
Sicilyaddict Kit of 5 pistachio packets
Sale price€22,90 Regular price€26,90
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Brioche artiginale siciliana senza glutine e lattosio 70g
Rigo' Gluten and lactose free Sicilian artisan brioche
Sale price€2,79 Regular price€3,09
Iris siciliane al Pistacchio 150g - 3 pezziIris siciliane al Pistacchio 150g - 3 pezzi
Kit 5 Granite Siciliane FRESCHE con Brioche co' TuppoKit 5 Granite Siciliane FRESCHE con Brioche co' Tuppo
Kit 5 granite Fragola con brioche co' tuppoKit 5 granite Fragola con brioche co' tuppo
Kit 5 granite Limone con brioche co' tuppoKit 5 granite Limone con brioche co' tuppo
Kit 5 granite Mandorla e brioche sicilianeKit 5 granite Mandorla e brioche siciliane

A triumph of taste and consistency with our brioches with tuppo

Discover the world of sweetness and goodness offered by our artisanal Sicilian brioches. In SicilyAddict, the passion for the Sicilian culinary tradition combines with the search for quality ingredients and the mastery in the preparation of brioche, to offer you a unique tasting experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of Sicilian artisanal brioche and let yourself be won over by the different variations proposed in our catalogue: from the classic brioche with tuppo to the delicious Sicilian Irises .

Our brioches are made to guarantee a soft consistency and a fragrance that will surprise you with every taste . SicilyAddict's Sicilian brioches are ideal for accompanying a Sicilian granita or for treating yourself to a delicious breakfast or snack.

Their versatility also makes them perfect for a brunch or as a base for tasty desserts. Enter the world of authentic Sicilian flavors and discover the triumph of taste and texture of our artisanal brioches.

Sicilian irises for sale online

For those with a sweet tooth we have created a line of delicious chocolate irises filled with our artisanal creams.

Ciokoreo irises are a triumph of taste, an explosion of chocolate wrapped in a soft brioche. Chocolate and salted caramel irises are a perfect balance between sweet and salty, a combination of flavors that will surprise you. And what about chocolate and pistachio irises ? The intense flavor of pistachio blends with the sweetness of chocolate, creating an irresistible contrast.

But it doesn't end here. The chocolate and hazelnut irises are a tribute to the Italian confectionery tradition, a classic combination that never disappoints. Hazelnut, with its rich and slightly sweet taste, pairs perfectly with chocolate, giving a unique tasting experience.

Each iris is made with high quality ingredients, carefully selected to guarantee a final product that respects the Sicilian tradition. The artisanal production, the attention to detail and the passion for pastry making our brioches a true masterpiece of taste.

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