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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
Nero d'Avola Morgante
MORGANTE Nero d'Avola Morgante
Sale price€12,90
Etna Rosso Murgo DOC
MURGO Etna red Murgo DOC
Sale price€15,90
Guarnaccio Perricone DOC 2019 75 cl
Quater Vitis rosso Firriato
Etna Rosso Tornatore DOC
Cerasuolo di vittoria
Bell'assai Frappato
DONNAFUGATA Very nice Frappato
Sale price€20,90
Mille e una Notte
Fiore di Nero
Sale price€12,90
Nero d’Altura
Sale price€14,90
Cerasuolo di Vittoria Tenuta Bastonaca
Frappato Tenuta Bastonaca
Rosso del Conte
Prince N
Syrah dei Principi di Spadafora
MURGO Etna Rosso Murgo
Sale price€15,90
Don Antonio
MORGANTE Don Antonio
Sale price€34,90
Marco's red
Sale price€22,90
Sant'Agostino Baglio Soria Rosso
Chiaramonte Nero D'Avola
FINA Perricone Fina
Sale price€12,90
FINA Fina Nero d'avola
Sale price€12,90

Sicilian red wines for sale online

Within the vast collection of Sicily Addict, you will find a careful selection of the best Sicilian red wines, ready to satisfy the needs of the most refined and greedy palates. Among these labels three excellent examples of the Sicilian winemaking tradition stand out.

Cent'are nero d'avola is an authentic symbol of Sicilian oenology, with its strong and enveloping character that well represents the charm and passion of this island. The Etna Rosso Murgo DOC , on the other hand, expresses the complexity and elegance of a unique and inimitable terroir, thanks to its mineral and earthy notes that blend perfectly with flavors from Sicilian cuisine. Lastly, the Guarnaccio Perricone DOC , a rich and intense wine, with the unmistakable hint of red fruits and spices, ideal for accompanying meat-based dishes and mature cheeses.

The selection of Sicilian red wines offered by Sicily Addict meets the expectations of an attentive public passionate about typical Sicilian products. The purchasing experience is safe and reliable , thanks to fast and guaranteed shipments, allowing you to savor the best of the Sicilian wine tradition directly to your home.

Sicilian red wines: full-bodied flavors for your palate

From the deep Sicilian vineyards comes a wide range of red wines that represent the soul and passion of the island.

SicilyAddict carefully selects the best Sicilian red wines to offer an authentic and unforgettable wine experience. These wines express the richness and complexity of the territory, thanks to the skilful combination of native grapes and the work of skilled local producers.

Sicilian red wines are characterized by their intense aromas and flavors , which vary from fruity and spicy notes to mineral and earthy nuances. Perfect to accompany the typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine , these wines combine tradition and innovation, experimenting with new production techniques without ever forgetting their roots.

SicilyAddict is committed to ensuring a safe and satisfying shopping experience , thanks to fast and reliable shipping.

Don't miss the opportunity to savor the best of Sicilian red wines and get closer to the food and wine culture of this fascinating land.

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