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Showing 1 - 24 of 85 products
Quater Vitis rosso Firriato
Guarnaccio Perricone DOC 2019 75 cl
Etna Rosso Murgo DOC
MURGO Etna red Murgo DOC
Sale price€15,90
Nero d'Avola Morgante
MORGANTE Nero d'Avola Morgante
Sale price€12,90
Cerasuolo di vittoria
Etna Bianco Tornatore DOC 2020
Quater Vitis bianco Firriato DOC
Chardonnay Sicilia Menfi DOC 75 cl 2020
PLANETA Planet Chardonnay
Sale price€27,90
Etna Rosso Tornatore DOC
Gales Zibibbo Secco IGP
Sale price€12,90
Sua Altezza 650 IGP 75 cl
Sua Altezza Rosè 650 IGP 75 cl
Almerita BrutAlmerita Brut D.O.C.2018  75 cl
TASCA D'ALMERITA Almerita brut
Sale price€29,90
Ben Ryé passito
DONNAFUGATA Ben Ryé passito
Sale price€39,90
Malvasia Secca Maddalena 2020 75 cl
FENECH Dry Malvasia Salina
Sale price€19,90
Grillo vigna di Mandranova
Sauvignon blanc
Kaid syrah
Sale price€19,90
Lu patri
C'D'C' Bianco
C'D'C' Rosso

Sicilian wines: the charm and excellence of the territory in every glass

From the heart of Sicily, Sicilian wines represent a unique and authentic food and wine experience, which allows you to savor the flavors of a territory rich in history and traditions. Among white wines , we offer you a range of aromatic and taste profiles that range from fresh and citrusy to more complex and full-bodied.

Thanks to the specific climatic conditions and the viticultural heritage of the island, Sicilian white wines stand out for their liveliness and personality. Immerse yourself in the world of Sicilian wines and discover a universe of flavors and aromas that will make you experience a sensorial journey through the different expressions of the Sicilian terroir.

With our offer, you will be able to experience the pleasures of a glass of Sicilian wine and bring the elegance and quality of these precious nectars to your table.

Order your favorite Sicilian wines now and take advantage of fast and safe shipping to savor the essence of the Sicilian territory directly to your home as soon as possible.

Indulge in the pleasure of a glass of wine and let yourself be won over by the charm and excellence of these wine products, which contain the soul and character of a unique and fascinating island.

Artisanal Sicilian wines: a treasure of flavors and traditions

Discover the incredible variety of Sicilian wines, the result of centuries of passion and dedication to wine production. Thanks to the unique climatic conditions and rich biodiversity , the wines of Sicily are characterized by their elegance, complexity and intensity.

Artisanal Sicilian wines are a tribute to the island's winemaking tradition, where care in the selection of grapes and attention to detail in winemaking come together to offer unforgettable sensory experiences.

Whether you are looking for a full-bodied and structured red, a fresh and aromatic white, or a lively and refined sparkling wine, Sicilian wines will surprise you and conquer your palate. In addition to the classic reds and whites , our selection of artisanal Sicilian wines includes delicious sweet and passito wines , ideal for accompanying desserts and mature cheeses and for giving a memorable meal ending.

Let yourself be tempted by the authentic aromas and flavors of Sicilian wines and experiment with new and surprising combinations. Order artisanal Sicilian wines now and live a unique sensorial experience, tasting and sharing the wine treasures of Sicily with your loved ones.

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