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Discover the entire catalog of SicilyAddict artisanal cured meats

Sink into the authentic flavors and culinary tradition of Sicily with our selection of artisanal Sicilian cured meats.

Each product is made respecting ancient local recipes , guaranteeing an unforgettable gastronomic experience for you and your guests. Among the delicious options available, try Ragusa donkey salami , a typical delight of our island.

Try our selection of black pig cured meats such as Nebrodi black pig salami, bacon or lard . These delicacies offer a range of unique and authentic flavours, thanks to the use of the meat of the famous black pig, a local slow food presidium and Sicilian excellence.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring the best of the Sicilian culinary tradition to your table and let yourself be won over by our artisanal cured meats. Order now and make sure you don't miss out on these Sicilian delicacies.

The best of Sicilian cured meats online

Immerse yourself in the world of authentic flavors and Sicilian culinary traditions with our fine selection of Sicilian cured meats online. Discover a variety of sliced ​​delights.

Explore our gastronomic specialties, such as spicy knife-tip salami and sweet salami , both characterized by the typical artisanal processing that enhances their taste.

Don't miss our Nero d'Avola salami , a fascinating fusion between the tradition of Sicilian cured meats and the inebriating flavor of the famous Sicilian wine. Our selection of products comes exclusively from Nebrodi black pigs, a native breed that guarantees unique quality and flavour.

Also try the delicious Nebrodi black pig capocollo or the succulent bacon . If you are looking for something different and exclusive, let yourself be tempted by our delicious selection of cured meats.

Each product is made respecting local traditions and crafted with artisanal care, to offer you an authentic and satisfying experience. With just one click, you can bring the authentic flavors of Sicily to your table, ready to delight your palate and that of your guests.

Order now and take advantage of our fast and guaranteed shipments to enjoy the unmistakable flavor of the best Sicilian cured meats as soon as possible.

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