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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Cannolo siciliano scomposto in barattolo 140gCannolo siciliano scomposto in barattolo 140g
Cheesecake al pistacchio in barattolo 160gCheesecake al pistacchio in barattolo 160g
Sicilian tiramisu in 120g jarSicilian tiramisu in 120g jar
Pistachio tiramisu in 120g jarPistachio tiramisu in 120g jar
Cheesecake al limone in barattolo 160gCheesecake al limone in barattolo 160g
Cheesecake ai frutti di bosco in barattolo 160gCheesecake ai frutti di bosco in barattolo 160g
Cheesecake all'arancia in barattolo 160gCheesecake all'arancia in barattolo 160g
Cheesecake ai frutti di bosco in barattolo 160gCheesecake ai frutti di bosco in barattolo 160g

Sicilian single-portion desserts for sale online

Experience the charm of Sicilian single-portion desserts, small delights that encompass the entire confectionery tradition of the Island of the Sun. Each bite is a sensorial journey that takes you directly to the Sicilian pastry shops, where master pastry chefs create these delicacies following recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Our single-portion desserts are made with high-quality ingredients , carefully selected to guarantee you an authentic and unforgettable tasting experience. From fresh ricotta for the cannoli, to almonds for the biscuits, each ingredient tells the story and passion of Sicily.

Purchasing Sicilian single-portion desserts online has never been so simple and safe. With one click, you can bring the delights of Sicilian pastries to your table, perfect for any occasion. Whether it's at the end of a meal, a moment of break or a special celebration, Sicilian single-portion desserts will conquer your palate and that of your guests.

Sicilian single-portion desserts

Immerse yourself in the authentic and irresistible taste of Sicilian single-portion desserts, a real delight for the palate. These desserts, made with high quality ingredients and according to the island's traditional recipes, represent a unique culinary experience, capable of transporting you directly under the Sicilian sun.

Each single-portion dessert is a small masterpiece of taste and tradition . Our Sicilian single-portion desserts are perfect for any occasion: a special end of a meal, a delicious snack or a moment of pure pleasure to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

They are also the perfect gift idea for lovers of good food and Sicilian traditions. Buying on SicilyAddict means choosing the authenticity and quality of Sicilian products, with the guarantee of a fast and safe shipping service . You don't have to worry about anything: our desserts will arrive at your home ready to be enjoyed, keeping all their freshness and goodness intact.

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