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Dill honeyDill honey
Amodeo Carlo Dill honey
Sale priceFrom €7,90
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Asphodel honey 400gAsphodel honey 400g
Amodeo Carlo Asphodel honey 400g
Sale price€12,87
Honey about 400gHoney about 400g
Amodeo Carlo Honey about 400g
Sale price€9,60
Lemon honey 250gLemon honey 250g
Amodeo Carlo Lemon honey 250g
Sale price€8,22
Blackberry honey 400g
Eucalyptus honey 400gEucalyptus honey 400g
Thistle honey 500gThistle honey 500g
Amodeo Carlo Thistle honey 500g
Sale price€12,00
Thyme honey 100g
Amodeo Carlo Thyme honey 100g
Sale price€5,84
Ferla honey 250 g
Amodeo Carlo Ferla honey 250 g
Sale price€13,90
Almond honey 250g
Amodeo Carlo Almond honey 250g
Sale price€15,54
Lemon Honey 100g
Amodeo Carlo Lemon Honey 100g
Sale price€5,90
Orange honey 100g
Amodeo Carlo Orange honey 100g
Sale price€4,95
Miele di Melata presidio Slow Food Ape Nera Sicula
Amodeo Carlo honeydew honey
Sale priceFrom €7,90
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Amodeo Carlo Carob honey 250g
Sale price€12,90
Wildflower honey 400gWildflower honey 400g

Health and well-being with Sicilian organic honey

Sicilian organic honey is much more than a simple natural sweetener, it is an authentic elixir of health and well-being , which combines the unmistakable taste of island honeys with the benefits of a certified organic product.

Sicilian organic honeys are obtained with full respect for the territory and the environment, thanks to the attention and care of our local producers. Free of chemical residues and harmful substances , they offer the best of the Sicilian beekeeping tradition, guaranteeing a healthy and nutritious product.

Sicilian organic honey is present in different varieties, each with its own characteristics and properties, for example wildflower honey, rich in antioxidants and with a fruity flavour, is perfect for strengthening the immune system and fighting free radicals.

We invite all those who appreciate organic products to explore our selection of Sicilian honeys and experience their beneficial properties and unmistakable flavors.

Let yourself be guided on a journey of health and well-being through the thousand nuances of Sicilian honey and treat yourself to moments of pleasure and authenticity, directly in your home.

Buy Sicilian honey SicilyAddict

Organic honey is an authentic treasure of nature and our range of organic honeys represents the perfect combination of tradition and quality, offering a genuine product rich in beneficial properties.

Sicilian honey is the result of the laborious work of native bees , who draw nectar from the flowers of the lush Sicilian countryside. Thanks to the biodiversity of the island and the care of our local producers, we offer you honeys with an unmistakable aroma and a unique and intense taste.

Each variety of honey will give you a symphony of typical Sicilian flavours, perfect for sweetening your hot drinks, accompanying cheeses and fruit or giving a special touch to your desserts.

We invite all fans of organic and Sicilian products to discover our special offer of Sicilian honeys, a sensorial journey through the flavors and traditions of the island. Let yourself be tempted by the sweetness and authenticity of our products, which will be ready to be delivered to your home within 48/72 hours , guaranteeing maximum freshness and quality.

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