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Sicilybox Formaggi dei NebrodiSicilybox Formaggi dei Nebrodi
Sicilyaddict Nebrodi cheese box
Sale price€29,90
Formaggio pecorino primosale dei Nebrodi 300 gFormaggio pecorino primosale dei Nebrodi 300 g
Baked ricotta from Nebrodi 400 gBaked ricotta from Nebrodi 400 g
Ricotta salata dei NebrodiRicotta salata dei Nebrodi
La Cava Sicilian salted ricotta
Sale price€5,99
Pecorino Primosale 320g
Pecorino Primosale con pepe nero 330g
Pecorino Primosale con Peroncino 320g
Canestrato 320g
Ricotta al forno dura
La Cava Sicilian hard baked ricotta
Sale priceFrom €5,90
Formaggio Tuma Persa 360g
Formaggio Canestrato con Pistacchio
Provola Fresca Dolce 450 g
Flavored Cheese
La Cava Flavored Cheese
Sale priceFrom €3,90
Formaggio Narangi 320g
Save 10%
Provola semistagionata di VallecubaProvola semistagionata di Vallecuba
Antichi Sapori Semi-seasoned Provola cheese from Vallecuba
Sale priceFrom €16,90 Regular price€18,80
Antichi Sapori primosale pecorino cheese
La Cava Sicilian canestrato 1kg
Sale price€19,90

Artisanal Sicilian cheeses: delicacies from the heart of the Nebrodi

Reveals the hidden treasure of artisanal Sicilian cheeses, dedicated to lovers of the island's food and wine tradition and to those seeking authenticity and authentic flavour.

Immerse yourself in the unmistakable taste of Nebrodi cheeses , where the quality of the milk and the skill of local producers come together to create real delights for the palate.

Discover in our Nebrodi cheese box a careful selection of dairy masterpieces, which will conquer every type of taste and enrich your recipes with the flavor of authentic Sicilian tradition. Experiment with combinations and pairings with Sicilian cured meats, wines and desserts to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Take the first step towards discovering the excellence of artisanal Sicilian cheeses and let yourself be guided by the flavors of the Nebrodi land.

Order your Nebrodi cheese box now and take advantage of fast and safe shipping to bring the best of the Sicilian food and wine tradition to your table.

Sicilian cheeses: delights for demanding palates

A collection rich in flavors and traditions , which encompasses the quality and passion of local producers and the ancient recipes of the island.

Immerse yourself in the world of artisanal Sicilian cheeses, such as the delicious canestrato , famous for its intense flavor and firm consistency, or pecorino primo sale , a hard cheese made with sheep's milk, a symbol of the Sicilian dairy tradition.

Each cheese in our collection is carefully selected to ensure excellence in the quality of raw materials and craftsmanship.

Treat yourself to a unique tasting experience, bringing the best of Sicily's food and wine tradition to your table.

Explore our offer and let yourself be conquered by the authentic flavors of Sicilian cheeses. Order now and take advantage of our fast and safe shipments , to taste the delights of the island as soon as possible.

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