Our shipments depart directly from our headquarters in Mirto, Sicily, and arrive in 2-3 days working, through our express courier, except for certain unforeseen events that may lengthen delivery times (Christmas and Easter period where times are considerably extended up to 7 days, bad weather, COVID 19, courier delays (multicolored), absence of the recipient, momentary exhaustion of the goods, goods that require special preparation, etc.).

CANNOLI will be shipped only on Monday and Tuesday. Cannoli orders placed within Sunday , < / b> will be shipped on Monday, all other orders arrived after Sunday , even those which will arrive Monday morning, will be sent on Tuesday ì .

This is to ensure that the products arrive fresh and do not remain in the couriers' warehouses on the weekend, compromising the product. The cannoli kit is placed in a special polystyrene container for food with ice gel that guarantees the freshness of the ricotta for 8 days and has a deadline of one week from the dispatch of the package (e.g. part Monday, deadline Monday of the following week)

  1. Orders for FRUIT AND VEGETABLES placed within Saturday, will be shipped on Monday of the following week. Orders on Sunday will be shipped on Tuesday of the following week.
  2. For all other fresh products such as CHEESE AND SALAMI, the shipping day is from Monday to Wednesday . Orders arrived From Wednesday morning to Sunday , they will be processed on the following Monday.
  3. All other products except those above ( Cured meats, Cheeses, Fruits and Vegetables ), will be shipped from Monday to Friday.
  4. MIXED ORDERS which also contain fresh products (Cured meats, Cheeses, Fruits and vegetables and cannoli), will follow the same shipping days as the cannoli with departure Monday indicated above for the fresh categories . ES. If you order mixed products where there are also cannoli, the package will be shipped on Monday.
  5. Shipping is free for all orders over € 59.90 NET . This means that if you use a coupon and the price falls below 58.80 euros, before making the payment, you will have to reach again the sum of 59.80 euros net then removed discounts.
  6. For orders below this amount the cost is € 5.90.
  7. The cost of the cash on delivery is 4 euros and activation must be requested.

The consumer customer has the right to withdraw from his order for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty, within 6 hours from the time of purchase; just send an email to info@sicilyaddict.it

Before confirming your order, pay close attention and enter all the correct data such as Name, Surname, Street, House number, City and Zip code.We will not be held responsible if one or more fields are incorrect or incomplete and we may change the fields of your order after confirmation

With the cash on delivery the package cannot be refused for any reason, we will charge the shipping costs, the management costs and the cost of the perishable product (eg cannoli) to the customer.


If, upon delivery, you notice any damage to the package, please sign the shipping receipt to the courier "subject to control", otherwise we will not be able to proceed with any refund of damaged products.
Later, if you verify the actual presence of damage, you can contact us at info@sicilyaddict.it to open the procedure for returning or replacing the product (s).

Shipping to Europe


We ship all our products in Europe with Ups or Tnt.

As regards the shipment of fresh products such as Cannoli, Salami, Cheeses, or Preserves, we ship them without any problem even in summer , because we use polystyrene box and ice gel which guarantee the freshness of the products up to 4d .

The shipping costs will be calculated in the cart and are divided by weight and areas.

We at SicilyAddict are sure that you will like our products a lot but if you have any doubts or problems with the package you received (example: you have been delivered an incorrect or damaged product) you can easily ask for a replacement or a refund within 14 days.

Call us or write us quietly via whatsapp at 379-1388896 or send us an email to: info@sicilyaddict.it

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