Fave fresche con buccia ricetta siciliana

The Sicilian recipe of fresh broad beans with peel is a spring must. Indeed, it cannot be said that the summer has begun if they have not been brought to the table first.

It is a super delicious vegetarian side dish that has no equal, especially if you use wild fennel , another seasonal product that is very popular in Sicily at this time of year and protagonist, among others, of the classic pasta with sardines . Its flavor completes that of the beans to a great extent, giving life to a recipe of great taste, despite its extreme simplicity.

But there are some tricks to prepare fresh broad beans with Sicilian peel worthy of their name, and we reveal them to you below. In short: there are not many recipes with fresh broad beans with pods , and this one is definitely worth trying.

The recipe of fresh broad beans with Sicilian peel

Let's start with the choice of ingredients : having to be eaten with their peel, the beans must be tender and very fresh. The fennel as well, while to complete the recipe there are garlic (if possible, opt for garlic, which is certainly more delicate than dried garlic) and, but not in order of importance (indeed!), chilli pepper . If you love it, abound. If you don't go crazy for it, put a pinch anyway. It is his death.


  • 600 g of tender fresh broad beans
  • 1 bunch of wild fennel
  • 2 fresh aglietti (or two cloves of garlic)
  • 1 hot red pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • salt and pepper
  • breadcrumbs to taste


  1. First of all it is necessary to wash the beans and eliminate the ends, then also eliminate the filament that is on the sides of each pod.
  2. At this point, also wash the wild fennel by removing the toughest stems.
  3. Boil both the first and second courses in boiling water until the beans have softened.
  4. Drain and set aside (do not throw away the cooking water: let the pasta cook, it will take on a completely different flavour).
  5. Chop the fennel with a knife. Now pour the garlic into a hot pan with oil together with the red pepper (more or less, according to taste).
  6. Once well browned, add broad beans and fennel, season with salt and pepper and let it infuse.
  7. At this point, the broad beans with peel may already be ready, but an extra touch comes from the breadcrumbs , which you can add to the pan at the end of cooking, toasting everything for 4-5 minutes.

Tell the truth: among all the recipes with fresh broad beans, isn't this one of the most tempting that you can try? The beauty of this preparation lies in the fact that the peel of the beans is not lost, for the series "nothing is thrown away in the kitchen!".

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