5 pezzi di rosticceria siciliana dei quali non potrai fare a meno

The wonderful world of Sicilian rotisserie is made up of unique pieces ready to captivate everyone's preferences. The rotisserie is no joke: it is a fundamental part of Sicilian cuisine and includes a series of irresistible street foods , mostly fried, from which choosing is practically impossible.

That's why we thought we'd recommend at least 5 of which - be sure - you won't be able to do without. But we reassure you right away: pop over to Sicilyaddict where you can find some ready to order (and more are on the way!)

What is Sicilian rotisserie?

Arancini, pizzas, rollò, ravazzate : all contribute to feed the category of Sicilian rotisserie. On their names we refer you to the dedicated article, here we limit ourselves to saying that each of them is generically called " piece ". A calzone is a piece of rotisserie, as is a spring onion. Obviously, every moment is the right one to enjoy one: even breakfast is a candidate to be the perfect time to feast on it (perhaps opting for the mignon Sicilian rotisserie , mini-version pieces also suitable for an aperitif with friends).

The Sicilian rotisserie is mostly made with the same dough (this is the case for all the Palermo rotisserie , which has a semi-sweet leavened dough as a base). But there is no shortage of proposals made with puff pastry and of course rice ( arancini ) and chickpea flour ( panelle ).

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How many calories does a piece of rotisserie have?

This is too general a question to provide a single answer. In order to establish how many calories a piece of rotisserie has, a distinction must be made at least between the types of pieces, if not between the individual tastes of each one. And therefore, if an arancino di riso with meat sauce weighing about 200 grams boasts about 400, a calzone has about 415 per serving.

5 pieces of Sicilian rotisserie to taste

But let's get to the highlight, that is the moment in which to choose the pieces that absolutely cannot be overlooked. It is of course necessary to state that EVERYONE should be tasted at least once in a lifetime. But, since you have to start somewhere, do it with these.

Ravazzate from Palermo

Sicilian rotisserie pieces

Photo Credit | Peter's Bar Sanfilippo Facebook

Let's start with a piece of Sicilian rotisserie which, hear hear, is not fried. It is the ravazzata (of which, don't worry, there is also the version cooked in boiling oil which takes the name of rizzuola ). What is the ravazzata is soon said. It is a sort of sandwich made of brioche dough which contains a succulent filling of meat sauce with tomato sauce.

This is the original Palermitan ravazzata , which is naturally accompanied by all the appropriate variations, such as for example the one with ricotta or béchamel . Calories, of course, don't count. (But we're not here for that...)

Sicilian fried calzones

Sicilian rotisserie pieces

Another staple of Sicilian street food is calzoni . We could open a separate chapter on them. You can find them as an integral part of the typical Palermo rotisserie (remember, the same dough to make rollò and pizzas), but also as a separate dish of the gastronomy of the various provinces. Starting with the Messina python (or pidone). Stuffed with escarole, tomatoes, salted anchovies and tuma, a fresh local cheese. These must be eaten strictly hot, regardless of the practically certain risk of burns.

Catania onions

Sicilian rotisserie pieces

Photo Credit | Maria Spoto's Facebook

You can recognize the real Catania onions right away: in any diner in the city or province they stand out for their appearance. Made with puff pastry, they have a particular bundle shape. But to recognize the original you need to taste it. The one that allows you to first sink your teeth into a crumbly but non-resisting casing, then into a filling of fried onions, cooked ham and stringy cheese. To lose your head.

Drive out of Ragusa

Sicilian rotisserie pieces

JuliaK , CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

With aubergines, with onions, with parsley, with tomatoes: Ragusa's scaccia is full of surprises. Too bad it can only be found in Ragusa and its province. The original recipe allows us to satisfy ourselves with a sort of rustic rolled focaccia. Its distinctive feature is the dough, made with durum wheat semolina which, once leavened, is spread very thinly and, after being filled, it is folded over on itself several times.

Rollo with frankfurters

Sicilian rotisserie pieces

Photo Credit | Facebook of Inventaricette , in the kitchen with Maria

And we could not close without mentioning a representative of the Palermitan rotisserie, his majesty the rollò . Its casing is made of a semi-sweet leavened dough, while a frankfurter dominates inside. Studded with sesame seeds on the surface as tradition dictates, it is a sin of gluttony that can be enjoyed anywhere, on the street, while visiting the city. All in all, it is not very demanding to eat and the children go crazy for it.

PS. We have spared you the arancini, but we remind you that you can buy them on Sicilyaddict ready to fry. For a unique experience comfortably seated at your home table. Think about it!

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