Prosciutto Crudo di Suino Nero Dei Nebrodi Agostino

We already knew it was good, raw ham is one of the most enjoyable foods that man has ever invented. But it is also surprising that it is good for health. Due to the large amount of salt and fat that this food naturally contains, it has always been indicated as an unhealthy food. but yeta ham that is good for health exists.

It is the black pig ham, Sicilian and more precisely of the MontiNebrodi is
seems to be a realcure-all. To say it isthe Sapienza Universitya of Rome that has itelected best Italian salamia.

Ham what doeswellto health isproduced in Myrtle, a small town on the Nebrodi Mountains, a mountainous complex halfway between western and eastern Sicily.

Auncontaminated territorystill little known by mass tourism and gourmet restaurants thatreserves many surprises both for lovers of good food and nature.Here right in the center of the small villageexists a real "goodness factory ". La Paisanella AGOSTINO and thegourmet's paradise where craftsmanship, territory and love for the product meet.

Macelleria La Paisanella Agostino Suino Nero Dei Nebrodi Mirto Sicilia

And it'sright here thatHam healthier than Italy is produced, a truly unique feature that essentially depends on its raw material.On these mountainsthey have been coming for centuriesbred and slaughtered very special pigs: the pigletNebrodi black it's aautochthonous breed which is well suited to the cold climates of the woods andit feeds almost exclusively ofacorns and what most appeals to him among the trees. A race that was about to risk extinction because unprofitable because of his small size and his
greatamount of fat body. And it's just that fat thatmakes the ham sospecial and healthy: secondthe Sapienza Universitya of Rome the meat oflittle pig Nero dei Nebrodi contains a quantity ofpolyunsaturated fatty acids similar for quantity and quality more all’oil olive oil and other animal fats such as butter and lard.

It was demonstrated thatthis particular type ofmeat it has effectshealth benefits because it is comparable to the so-calledgood fats that helpfight cholesterol.
fragrant, tasty, savory at the right point and with a’abundant buttery and soft fat Nebrodi black pig ham is onegreediness to eat light-hearted obviously without exaggerating) it's good for your health but aeven on the palate. A feast for the taste buds, thanks to theunique perfumes and aromas.

Prosciutto suino nero Dei Nebrodi Agostino La Paisanella

This delicacy is alsoa rarity around here.The workmanship thighsof ham, indeed,it is not a technique historically nota to Sicilian breeders and traditional pork butchers on the island it is limited to the production of dried sausages and salami quite rustic.La Paisanella Agostino,before company in Sicily a make ham as a black pig from Nebrodi, he learned this noble processthanks to a project special of theregion Sicily that provided for an activecooperation between local companies Sicilian and l’University of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies of Parma.

The project which we took part in1996 allowed us to become what we are now, it really wasa turning point in the life of all of us -says Luisa Agostino, soul of La Paisanella eSebastiano's wife breeder and historical butcher – We went firststudying production techniquesin Parma, in particularmy sister in law Pina she is very passionate about butchery and nowshe is our product manager.

Then we started the production support period,from Mirto we sent the animal's right thighs to Parma, we kept the lefte. From there began a mirror work, following what we had learned rwe repeated all the operations step by step, we in Mirto and the University in Parma. NNThe same day the picking took place, then the salting, then the brushing, until the seasoning.

After 18 months the first ones arrivedpanel test in which some expertscomparing the twohams. The result was surprising:even if the hams made in Parma with black pig legs were tecnically perfect,ours a little more crooked they had incomparable perfumes and aromas. Gradually we have improved and learned the technique better and betternow in Parma they tell us that the students have passed the teacher! Allmerit of thecellars seasoningnatural, acave highmountain where ham is able to absorb and subsequently express all the aromas of the forest and
this little pig which is still bred in the wild and which in 2000 is recognized as a Slow Food presidium.

Prosciutto crudo di Suino Nero Dei Nebrodi Agostino La Paisanella in fase di stagionatura in cantina di pietra naturae

Prosciutto crudo di suino nero dei nebrodi

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