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Paisanella Agostino is a family-run butcher, butchery and cheese factory, managed by the Agostino family . In the heart of the mountains Nebrodi in Mirto (Me) , has specialized over the years in the processing of meat of black pig , a breed of pig native which was in danger of extinction and which has now become a Slow Food Presidium .


The Drago company was officially born on 28 September 1929 , although for a long time before, the Drago family was involved in the processing and conservation of vegetables and blue fish.

The history of the company starts from the great-grandfather, Sebastiano Drago , who mainly dealt with the salting and therefore the conservation of the tuna caught in the tonnare , the famous bluefin tuna of which the Mediterranean was rich.


Passion for their land and its fruits, love for its priceless cultural heritage and for good things prepared just like in the past: these are the founding elements of Scyavuru farms, born from strong family ties and sharing of the same values ​​as three Scyavuru farm owners.


indeed a family that since 1960 has handed down the passion of cultivating the Green Pistachio of Bronte D.O.P.

It was Nunzio who took the first steps towards the marketing of this renowned fruit. In 1970, Pietro decided to realize his father's project, founding Evergreen which today has about 10 hectares of pistachio groves that guarantee large quantities of product every two years, to be allocated to our customers.


In the municipality of the delightful Mirto, just 7 km from Capo d’Orlando, extends over 14 hectares, planted with citrus and olive groves, the family-run Azienda Agricola Paparoni, founded in the early 1900s.

"At the end of the 80s, when I started to take care of the family business - my fixed idea was to innovate our production techniques, so we fully embraced the principles of organic farming, rationalized the irrigation system-


My business was born almost by chance, almost, because I would never have thought that my future could be born and developed from a passion and a pleasure for the palate; and yes, because I have always loved honey and the world of bees

So years ago, I tested myself and instead of buying the honey I was consuming from an old beekeeper in my city, I tried to produce it myself ... and now I have a company with about 1500 hives.


Alberto Battaglia 29, Angelo Nicchi 22, Giuseppe Oddo 32 and Giuseppe Quagliana 44, are the four "carusi" from Scillato (boys in Sicilian) who for about a year have decided to join forces for the purpose to rediscover the agricultural resources that have always characterized their territory and to put some abandoned lands back into cultivation by reactivating the production process of two particular local cultivars such as the Apricot of Scillato (Slow Food Presidium) and the Biondo di Scillato Orange.