Ricetta della Torta al pistacchio di Bronte Dop

If Sicilian cuisine is nothing new for you, you will already know that the town of Bronte, in Sicily, is very famous for a particular type of pistachio plant that grows luxuriantly on the slopes of Etna..

Obviously I am talking about the Pistachio of Bronte, traditional fruit of the place that over the years has reached a reputation and a request such as to receive the name of Green Gold of Sicily.”.

In this post then you will discover a Sicilian recipe thanks to which you will discover how to prepare one of the most traditional recipes of the culture of Bronte.

Using one of the key products of the Bronte tradition that represents Sicilian gastronomy in the world: I'm talking about the Bronte Pistachio Cake filled with cream.


Pistachio from Bronte: History and Benefits

Pistachio di Bronte is very famous in Italy and in the world because of its history and the various benefits it brings to our body.

Origins and History of the Pistachio of Bronte

Pistachio di Bronte is actually a type of pistachio that comes from Persia and Turkey.

In fact, it was the Arabs who brought this type of pistachio to Sicily, after having conquered it by the Byzantines.

They noticed that that type of plant grew particularly luxuriantly on the flanks of Etna. Over the centuries this plant continued to be adopted also by the local population until it returned to the local culture..

Benefits of Pistachio from Bronte

The Bronte Pistachio and pistachio in general is a famous fruit because it really brings many benefits to the human body.

In fact, including the Pistachio di Bronte in your diet can help us:

Prevent cardiovascular diseases and protect the heart thanks to monosaturated, polyunsaturated fats and a large amount of vitamin E

Combat and prevent diseases such as diabetes by lowering the levels of glucose and insulin in our blood

Protect the skin from UV radiation, fight aging and dry skin thanks to vitamin EE

Protect the sight and health of the nervous system thanks to vitamin B6

Prevent tumors thanks to the large amount of antioxidants

The benefits that Pistachio di Bronte can bring to our body are many and one more important than the other..


Recipe of the Bronte Pistachio Cake filled with cream

Ingredients for a cake

  • Pistachio flour: 300 g
  • 00 flour: 100 g
  • Sweet pistachio cream: 200
  • Butter: 150 g
  • Sugar: 230 g
  • Medium eggs: 6
  • 1 sachet of vanilla yeast
  • Pistachios grain to taste) 

How to Make Bronte Pistachio Cake: Procedure

  1. Turn on the static 180 oven. It will be ready when you have finished everything.to.
  2. Whip the eggs with the sugar for at least 10 minutes until obtaining a soft, light and frothy cream.
  3. Once melted in a water bath or in the microwave, add the butter and pistachio flour.
  4. Mix the pistachio flour well, taking care not to disassemble the mixture.
  5. Add the flour, and the baking powder with the help of a strainer, while continuing to mix.
  6. Grease and flour a hinged pan and pour the mixture inside..
  7. In the meantime the oven will have reached the correct temperature, then bake at 180 for 40 minutes in a static oven. Make sure you don't open the oven for at least 30 minutes. Then you can check the cooking status with the help of a toothpick.ti.
  8. Once the cake is ready, leave it to rest in the turned off oven, leaving the door slightly open for about 10 minutes.
  9. Cut the cake in half and spread the sweet pistachio cream and put the other layer on top.
  10. Moisten the top of the cake with honey so that it acts as an adhesive and sprinkle with the pistachio grain.
  11. Garnish the cake with whatever you prefer like pistachios, pistachio grains or icing sugar.
Pistacchio di bronte

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