Sale di Trapani proprietà Presidio Slow Food

Among the Slow Food presidium products there is the IGP Trapani salt , the flagship of Sicilian gastronomy rich in properties and with a particular flavor that makes it suitable for numerous uses in the kitchen. Salt is one of the oldest minerals, and is a very important element for our health. Trapani sea salt, specifically, is produced from July to September, but it is possible to find it throughout the year.

Characteristics and properties of Trapani sea salt

Unlike rock salt, that is the salt extracted from the sedimentation of the waters of the ancient oceans, sea salt is obtained by evaporation and is therefore rich in chemical elements and properties, very important for our body. The element most present is sodium chloride , but potassium and magnesium are not lacking.

The sea salt production process ensures that, among the approximately 87 trace elements of sea water, the harmful ones are eliminated, giving us a healthy and safe product. That final smells of the sea and gives flavor to the dishes without being too intrusive. It is particularly friable and highly soluble.

Salt of Trapani, Slow Food Presidium

The integral salt of Trapani is not subjected to refining or washing processes that alter its properties: it preserves the original trace elements. It is obtained by letting the sea water evaporate inside the salt pans, an integral part of the suggestive panorama of the corresponding stretch of the Sicilian coast. It bears the added value given by the natural action of the sun and the wind.

For this, and much more, in April 2011 the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies recognized the PGI of the salt produced with the denomination "Sea Salt of Trapani". For the "cultivation" method - Trapani salt is harvested by hand by the salt worker - it has been declared a Slow Food Presidium.

How to use Trapani salt in the kitchen (and not)

In addition to adding flavor to dishes and enhancing the taste of certain ingredients, Trapani salt PGI can be used in the field of health/beauty. In the first case, as well as to preserve food, it is also used in cooking. It goes well with meat, fish and vegetable dishes. In the second one, however, it can be used to make scrubs for the skin of the body, including the feet. If combined with sodium bicarbonate, it can be used to obtain physiological solutions to carry out nasal washings.

Trapani sea salt, online sale

Trapani salt producers are different. Among all we point out "Reserve of the sea" behind which the Culcasi family has stood for more than 100 years. The company deals with the production of the food in full respect of the traditions handed down by the very first salt workers of the area. On Sicilyaddict you can also buy the flavored versions of the product, such as whole sea salt with lemon , thyme, orange and oregano. Drop by!

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