Pesto di pistacchi pronto, come usarlo ed abbinarlo in cucina

Sicilian pistachio pesto is a rich and creamy condiment capable of giving delicious dishes with minimal effort. But how to best use it and how to combine it in the kitchen ? Yes, because although it is enough to spread it on croutons or add it to pasta to bring tempting recipes to the table, by combining it in the right way you can reach the highest levels in terms of taste. Here are the recipes with pistachio pesto ready not to be missed.

Pistachio pesto ready, how to match it

Sicilian pistachio pesto is creamy but studded with many small pieces of pistachios, which give it a crunchy touch. Its flavor is slightly sweet and delicate, and lends itself to delicious combinations both with vegetables and with pasta, meat and fish . In particular, it is delicious together with cherry tomatoes but also with prawns, with which it gives life to intriguing sauces for paccheri and spaghetti . It goes well with puff pastry , with which you can prepare appetizers for an aperitif, and with speck or bacon.

How to use the pistachio pesto ready

There are no limits to its uses in the kitchen : there are many different recipes with pistachio pesto in a jar to try. Take a cue.

Appetizers with pistachio pesto ready

Appetizers with pistachio pesto , appetizers or finger food, are always very successful. Any examples? The bruschetta with pistachio pesto and mortadella is delicious, but so are the puff pastry appetizers with pistachio pesto and tuna/speck/bacon/ dried tomatoes . Excellent is the savory pie with pistachio pesto and ricotta , which can also be served as a second course, as well as the savory plumcake with pistachio pesto and mortadella.

First courses with pistachio pesto ready

More often than not, these are pasta dishes with ready-made salted pistachio cream . But that's not all: even rice and gnocchi lend themselves to being seasoned with the sauce of wonders. Some idea? Pasta with pistachio pesto and tuna , spaghetti with pistachio pesto and cherry tomatoes, pasta with pistachio pesto and shrimp (which is a must) and the one with pistachio pesto and pancetta /speck, or the rustic meat variant and tasty. There are also paccheri with pistachio pesto and cream, but also risotto with pistachio pesto and speck and the one with prawns. Perfect for summer are cold rice with pistachio pesto and pistachio and Philadelphia risotto. We close with an invigorating dish like few others, gnocchi with pistachio pesto, mortadella and burrata : what more could you want?

Second course recipes with pistachio pesto

Among the second courses, the recipes with pistachio pesto and fish stand out, such as salmon fillet with pistachio pesto or swordfish rolls. But meat also offers great satisfaction: think of meat rolls (or chops) stuffed with pistachio pesto, meatloaf with pistachio pesto or Bronte pistachio escalopes. In short, you are spoiled for choice!

Pistacchio di bronte

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