frutta e verdura del mese di giugno

The weather summer begins on June 1: the heat is felt, the desire for fresh food is immeasurable. What are the fruits and vegetables of the month dedicated to the summerne?

You know that eating fresh fruit and especially seasonal fruit is good for the body and the mind. So armed with pen and paper because we will give you many tips on fruits and vegetables of June!

Seasonal fruit and vegetable table


Fruits and vegetables


Oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, pomegranate, pears, kiwis, lemons, kumquats, cedars, apples, persimmons, clementines, German medlars, rowanberries, bergamot, China cherry lychee, radicchio, onions, fennel, cauliflower, carrots, artichoke, broccoli, cap, celery, chard, soncino, garlic, peas, spinach, parsnip, broad beans, catalonia, rocket, radishes, shallots, celeriac, brassica Mizuna, asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke, turnip greens, chicory, leek, thistle, kohlrabi , beetroot, horseradish horseradish, rhubarb, white endive, Brussels sprouts, chicory.ria.


strawberries, first cherries, lemons, medlars, plums, artichokes, asparagus and radishes, chard, green beans, fava beans, fennel, lettuce, leeks, peas, celery and spinach.


apricots, melons, figs, cherries, peaches, plums, all varieties of watermelon including pontine watermelon, yellow watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, Sicilian bananas, figs, black cherries, beets, chicory, cucumbers, spring onions, peas , green beans, lettuce, broad beans, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, leeks, rocket, courgettes, aubergines, radishes, pumpkins, spinach, carrots, savoy cabbage, leeks, red radicchio, valerian and cabbage


pears, pomegranate, persimmons, dates, jujubes, chestnuts, cedars, grapes, pistachios, pink apple, kiwi, lemons, limequats, avocados winter varieties, pine nuts, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage and savoy cabbage, pumpkin, red radicchio, artichoke, fennel .o.


Fruits and vegetables of the month of June: what we find?

In this month the fruit and vegetables that will accompany us throughout the summer begin to arrive. Tomatoes, the undisputed vegetable of the summer: after having admired it in the supermarket counters all year round, we can finally taste a tomato that really knows how toi tomato. It is not something to be taken for granted! Other vegetables that will color our tables will be:parsley (rich in minerals, vitamins A, C and K, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates, it has hypotensive, diuretic, laxative and healing properties, peas (you can make velvety, enrich baked pasta and season meat dishes, green beans (the pods are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamin A, artichokes (with a slightly sweet and slightly bitter unique taste, it manages to give an identity to all courses,e), basil (gives an incredible freshness to the dishes, zucchini(rich in potassium and useful for the health of the urinary tract and intestines, eggplant (a thousand ways to cook them from the grill to frying in the oven and in sauces. Have you ever tasted a caponata surprise sandwich ande pepperoni(raw or cooked They are the vegetables with the highest content of vitamin C, even more than citrus fruits. You are already dreaming of stuffed courgettes and aubergines seasoned only with a little pain June is also the month of dei cucumbers(to eat raw, in salads or transformed into sauces: ready for delicious and fresh saladse?

peperoni verdura del mese di giugno

As for fruit, this is the right season to start tastingprunes (rich in vitamins and minerals, excellent remedy for tiredness, figs (sweet, rich in vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, have a lower caloric intake than you might think, watermelons (sugary, light and low in calories, helps prevent heart disease and fight cholesterol, melons,peaches(sugary fruit rich in vitamin A, beneficial during sun exposure, and in vitamin C, apricots(useful for the skin and against cholesterol and free radicals, strawberries (if eaten fresh and at room temperature they retain all their properties and enhance their antioxidant and function cherries(they are natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories and also contain vitamins A and C. Green light for colorful fruit salads!!

Ideas in the kitchen: what to prepare with these ingredients?

You may be wondering what you can cook with all this fruit and vegetables of the month of June. Don't worry, ideas will not fail and we will give you some.

  • Cold pasta with grilled aubergines, olives and almond pesto;;
  • Apricot and walnut quinoa salad with miso dressing;;
  • Salad Tofumino;
  • Summer vegetable pie;;
  • Easy cheesecake with cherry jam..

Sicilian fruits and vegetables to taste: many varieties one better than the other!!

Sicily offers many varieties of fruit and vegetables and almost all the provinces cultivate and produce the following products in this period:

  • apricot of Scillato, grown in the municipality of Scillato, in the province of Palermo;
  • Syracuse watermelon, grown in Syracuse;
  • bastarduna prickly pears from Calatafimi Segesta, in the province of Trapani;ni;
  • mastrantoni cherry, grown in the towns of Pedara, Trecastagni, Nicolosi, Viagrande, Aci SantAntonio and San Giovanni La Punta in the Catania areas;;
  • prickly pears of Etna, grown precisely on the hills of the municipalities of Etna;na;
  • San Cono prickly pears, grown in the homonymous municipality in the province of Catania;a;
  • prickly pears from the Belice Valley, grown in the homonymous territory;o;
  • prickly pears from the Val di Catania, grown in the high hill towns of the Val di Catania in medium-textured soils;;
  • Maletto strawberry, typical of the municipalities of Maletto and Bronte, in the province of Catania;
  • strawberry of Ribera, municipality of Agrigento;
  • strawberry from Sciacca, municipality of Agrigento;
  • Yellow melon;
  • Sweet pepper;
  • Romaine lettuce;
  • Canastra lettuce;
  • Cherry tomato;
  • Purple Silk Eggplant;);
  • Black aubergine;
  • Cucumber;
  • Iceberg lettuce;
  • Missouri tomato.

June fish: what the sea, lakes and rivers offer us?

Often too mistreated, not everyone knows that some varieties of fish cannot always be found. There are times when certain species should not be disturbed because they are mating and reproducing. In this period what types of fish can we find?

Anchovies: poor but very tasty blue fish, with a high Omega 3 content, they are excellent fried or marinated, but also in pasta sauces, with fennel.

Dentex: similarly shaped, good on the grill, in foil, in crazy water, in the oven or with raw oil and parsley.o.

Swordfish: excellent on the grill or in the oven, it is also used to prepare sauces such as fish ragout.

Race: cartilaginous white fish, it is recommended to keep it in the freezer to make its meat more tender.

Amberjack: it has tasty meat and is suitable for steaming or baking, but it is also excellent in sauces or raw.

Norway lobster: excellent boiled, grilled, fried or even raw and in pasta sauces.

Sepia: this white mollusc is an excellent filling, grilled and in sauces, for which you can also use its black, that is, the liquid expelled from the animal in dangerous situations.

Mackerel: it is recommended for its intake in omega-3 fats, it has soft and tasty meats and can replace tuna.

Spotted: often confused with the squid, it has much larger dimensions and different fins, which start at the end of the body and are short. For its tender and delicate meats it is very popular in the kitchen and can be used in many recipes.

Othersseasonal fish in June are: anchovy, mullet, grouper, crab, angler fish, San Pietro, sarago, scorpion fish, sole, bluefin tuna, red mullet, clam.

Go to the page dedicated to seasonal fruit and vegetables, soon we will upload new products!

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