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Sicilybox Formaggi dei NebrodiSicilybox Formaggi dei Nebrodi
Sicilyaddict Nebrodi cheese box
Sale price€29,90
Baked ricotta from Nebrodi 400 gBaked ricotta from Nebrodi 400 g
Save 10%
Provola semistagionata di VallecubaProvola semistagionata di Vallecuba
Antichi Sapori Semi-seasoned Provola cheese from Vallecuba
Sale priceFrom €16,90 Regular price€18,80
La Cava Sicilian canestrato 1kg
Sale price€19,90
Antichi Sapori primosale pecorino cheese

Fresh Sicilian products: the synthesis of excellence, flavor and tradition

In the SicilyAddict fresh Sicilian products category, you will find a wide range of artisanal delights that represent the quintessence of the island's food and wine tradition, with particular attention to the quality and freshness of the ingredients.

Thanks to SicilyAddict, you will have the opportunity to savor the authenticity of Sicilian cuisine, with an offer of fresh products that enhance the uniqueness of the island's flavors . Vegetable drinks of Sicilian origin are a valid alternative to traditional milk and represent an excellent choice for those looking for new flavors and pleasures.

Delight your palate with these delicacies, which express the essence of Mediterranean nature and the mastery of Sicilian artisans. We invite visitors to explore the offer of fresh Sicilian products on SicilyAddict, where they will find a variety of products capable of satisfying the needs of every Sicilian cuisine enthusiast.

Let yourself be inspired by the tradition, quality and passion that distinguish the island's fresh products. Enter the world of fresh Sicilian products and discover a universe of authentic and irresistible flavours.

Fresh Sicilian products: a sensorial journey among artisanal delights

SicilyAddict accompanies you to discover fresh Sicilian products, a careful selection of delicacies from the island of the sun, synonymous with quality and tradition.

Through authentic flavors and aromas, we invite you to immerse yourself in Sicilian cuisine, characterized by the freshness and authenticity of its ingredients.

Our cured meats and cheeses stand out for their unmistakable taste and their artisanal processing.

Tasty cold cuts, creamy and grainy cheeses tell of the mastery and passion of Sicilian hands, capable of transforming simple ingredients into real delights.

Thanks to the wide range of delicacies offered, you will be able to live an authentic culinary experience and savor the freshness and authenticity of typical Sicilian ingredients.

Our commitment to the selection and conservation of products guarantees the highest quality and freshness, directly to your home.

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