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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Blackberry honey 400g
Miele di Melata presidio Slow Food Ape Nera Sicula
Amodeo Carlo honeydew honey
Sale priceFrom €7,90
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Eucalyptus honey 400gEucalyptus honey 400g
Honey about 400gHoney about 400g
Amodeo Carlo Honey about 400g
Sale price€9,60
Thyme honey 100g
Amodeo Carlo Thyme honey 100g
Sale price€5,84
Orange honey 100g
Amodeo Carlo Orange honey 100g
Sale price€4,95
Dill honeyDill honey
Amodeo Carlo Dill honey
Sale priceFrom €7,90
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Thistle honey 500gThistle honey 500g
Amodeo Carlo Thistle honey 500g
Sale price€12,00
Ferla honey 250 g
Amodeo Carlo Ferla honey 250 g
Sale price€13,90
Lemon honey 250gLemon honey 250g
Amodeo Carlo Lemon honey 250g
Sale price€8,22
Asphodel honey 400gAsphodel honey 400g
Amodeo Carlo Asphodel honey 400g
Sale price€12,87
Lemon Honey 100g
Amodeo Carlo Lemon Honey 100g
Sale price€5,90
Amodeo Carlo Carob honey 250g
Sale price€12,90
Almond honey 250g
Amodeo Carlo Almond honey 250g
Sale price€15,54
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