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Penne Rigate di Grano Duro antico Siciliano integrale biologico varietà Tumminia
Pasta Casarecce di Grano duro antico siciliano integrale Biologico varietà Tumminia.

Artisan pasta, an essential product in the Sicilian tradition

Experience the authenticity of Sicilian cuisine with our range of artisanal pasta, which reflects the passion and heritage of this land rich in history and flavours.

The selection of Sicilian pasta is the result of careful processing, which aims to preserve the cultural identity and unmistakable taste of the island's typical dishes.

Sicilian artisanal pasta stands out for its quality and its particular texture, thanks to the use of Sicilian durum wheat and production according to traditional methods. This attention to detail guarantees a pasta that goes perfectly with the condiments of Sicilian cuisine , creating memorable and delicious dishes.

Let yourself be guided by curiosity and passion for quality products, and bring the true essence of Sicily to the table to experience memorable moments full of taste and tradition.

Discover the offer of Sicilian artisan pasta SicilyAddict

The skilled hands of Sicilian artisans give life to these unique products, made with genuine, high-quality ingredients , to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience.

Our offer of Sicilian artisan pasta includes different varieties and formats, such as busiate and caserecce , ideal for immersing yourself in the richness of the island's culinary traditions.

Thanks to the use of Sicilian durum wheat and attention to traditional production methods, the pasta maintains a perfect consistency and an unmistakable taste , capable of enhancing any type of seasoning.

In addition to durum wheat pasta, in our collection you can also find creative and tasty options, these products not only add a touch of color and originality to your dishes, but also offer an explosion of typical Sicilian flavours.

Let yourself be conquered by the authentic flavors of the island and bring a piece of Sicily to your table, to give you and your loved ones moments of conviviality and pleasure in the name of the Sicilian food and wine tradition.

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