We are artisans, but above all a family that since 1960, the passion of cultivating the Pistachio Verde di Bronte D.O.P.

It was Nunzio who took the first steps towards the commercialization of this renowned fruit. In 1970, Pietro decided to carry out his father's project, founding Evergreen which today has about 10 hectares of pistachio trees that guarantee large quantities of product every two years, to be destined for our customers.

We don't just grow it but we are able to offer about twenty product variations, from sweet to savory, all based on pistachio thanks to the two processing plants in Bronte.



We were born and still live surrounded by pistachio groves. We follow the traditional methods of cultivation and transformation of the past ensuring high quality standards, thanks to careful periodic checks on the soil, the laboratories and the products themselves. Our company policy is based on three fundamental points: Quality, Origin, Hygiene..


Our state-of-the-art factories allow us to make the best use of energy from renewable sources thanks to the installation of about 100kwatt / h divided into 4 buildings that meet most of the company's needs, providing clean energy for ovens and boilers necessary for production. In winter, heat production is provided by powerful boilers powered by PISTACHIO PEEL.IO.


Pietro Bonaccorso, founder of Evergreen, has always had the renowned fruit of his territory at heart, so much so as to be an active part in the recognition of the protected designation of origin of the Pistachio Verde di Bronte DOP. We also guarantee of origin, thanks to a transparent traceability of the product and the recognition of various food quality and safety marks. Being among the most renowned products in the world, the Bronte pistachio is an easy target of food counterfeiting. Don't be fooled, if it doesn't have the brand it is NOT from Bronte.


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