The company, founded in 1929, operates in the conservation of fish products in compliance with the Sicilian tradition and with the experience acquired by four generations.i.
The Drago company currently has a factory in the industrial area of Syracuse where it processes products such as Tuna, Mackerel and Swordfish, both natural and preserved in olive or soybean oil. All fish is cleaned by hand without chemicals and without the use of preservatives or flavor enhancers.à.

To satisfy the tastes of the new generations, in addition to the classic tuna fillets in oil, mackerel fillets in oil and swordfish, the company also produces Tuna Paté, Mackerel Paté and Creams that can be used to prepare simple canapes or to season first courses. dishes..

All these products, unlike others on the market, in addition to making your tables more imaginative, do not have any addition of starches.

Attention to quality begins with the selection of raw materials, continues with the processing of products, cooking and packaging. Each phase of the entire production process takes place in compliance with tradition and the strictest and strictest food safety standards, today certified by the BRC and IFS standards.S.

The Drago company was officially born, with a deed of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, on September 28, 1929, although the Drago family had been dealing with the processing and conservation of vegetables and blue fish for a long time before..
The history of the company starts from the great-grandfather, Sebastiano Drago, who mainly dealt with the salting and therefore the conservation of the tuna caught in the tuna traps, the famous bluefin tuna with which the Mediterranean was rich..

Subsequently, it was his son Francesco who continued his father's activity, recording a constant increase in production over the years. Since then, in 85 years, the company has evolved, growing and improving. Under Francesco's guidance, the factory was moved from Largo Arezzo della Targia to Via Elorina.a.

Over the years Francesco Drago decided to be assisted by his son Giuseppe, the current administrator, who took over the management in 1983. With him the Drago company moved to C / da Targia, where the factory is currently located, and grew in terms of production and turnover consolidated on the domestic and foreign market..

He was, in fact, the man of the turning point in the commercial strategy of the Company. Intelligence, passion for work, commercial skills and exceptional intuition made him understand the evolution of the market and the development of large-scale

Over the years, Giuseppe Drago has reorganized the business, has invested in technology, has optimized the quality of the workmanship, creating a constant balance between innovation and respect for tradition. He has been assisted in recent years, also by his sons Alessandro and Pierpaolo.o.

The reasons behind the success of the Drago company are therefore to be found, as well as in the competence acquired over the years, also in the human component: enthusiasm, effort, professionalism, passion and love for their work have always guided every company choice.e.