Sicily Addict was born from the love for Sicily, a wonderful land kissed by the sun and embraced by the sea, the cradle of millenary civilizations and cultures, often the favorite subject of poets and travelers who have handed down beauty and contradictions with their verses.

Born from the desire to give voice to this rich, welcoming and fruitful land, which has always given life to unique food and wine products, delicacies appreciated all over the world, healthy and tasty products of the earth and excellent artisan productions.

It was born from the desire to allow anyone and in any city in the world to buy and taste the best and most genuine Sicilian products, carefully selected and coming only from local producers, to guarantee their quality and craftsmanship.

Our dream has always been to create an e-commerce that was not just a place to buy the best Sicilian products, with the certainty of receiving only carefully selected products of the highest quality, but also a platform in which to get to know the stories of local producers more closely, thus finding a privileged observation point of the Sicilian production chain.

With Siciliy Addict we wanted to fill a knowledge gap of the Sicilian production reality that is still very widespread, making known the stories of those who every day, with passion and commitment, continue to carry on the great production tradition in the food and wine sector of this Earth.
With our e-commerce we wanted to give the word back to the producers who, telling each other in video, reveal the background of difficult productions, made unsustainable in the past due to the price war resulting from competition from large-scale distribution.

Thanks to Sicily Addict we can now offer the customer who wants to buy original Sicilian products the best online shopping experience, selecting the best producers on the island who marry our sustainability and tradition project.
All supported by a fast shipping service and the guarantee of maximum transparency for those who produce artisan products every day with unique raw materials at km0.


What distinguishes Sicily Addict is the great attention we reserve to the selection of products that the customer can find on our site. Excellent products, often unique and rare, coming only from Sicilian producers and farmers as evidence of their goodness and genuineness. But that's not all: what makes us special is the attention we wanted to give to producers, to let the world know about their work, the raw materials used and the territory in which they are born.

Because behind every niche product there is first of all the craftsman who produces it and continues to preserve Sicilian biodiversity through the production of unique excellence in the world.

Those who buy from Siciliy Addict often look for products linked to the territory that are difficult to find elsewhere, want to buy certified food and wine excellences, coming from a closed and controlled supply chain and made with certified km0 raw materials, free of GMOs and even organic.


Behind Sicily Addict there is the passion and resourcefulness of Giacomo Librizzi: Sicilian doc, passionate about food and digital marketing, Giacomo boasts a strong experience in the sector gained working for years in the restaurant and in the family supermarket .

In 2012 he started the first e-commerce of typical Sicilian products, selecting small artisan workshops that produced specifically for the Sicilianu brand - founded by Giacomo - wonders to taste.
“We were among the first in Sicily to launch an online regional products store.After 5 years of activity I abandoned the project to devote myself to the study of Digital Marketing "says the creator of Sicily Addict" But the first love is never forgotten and so, after a year of sector studies and market research, I decided to launch with my brother. He currently maintains the role of videomaker of the company, while a team of Digital Marketing experts supports us in the management of marketing campaigns and corporate strategy ".

To date, the Sicily Addict team boasts collaborations with the best food and wine operators in Sicily such as starred chefs, niche producers, oenologists, agronomists and nutritionists: this ensures that the choice of products is always made in an informed way and carefully checked, respecting all the quality standards we have set ourselves.